What We Do

CAI and Social Evaluation Research helps offenders at parole hearings and juvenile or adult low risk offenders at sentencing. Scientific test give indicators of character and risks (or lack thereof) of future behavior problems, including criminal recidivism.

In other words, using scientific tests and tools, we can give the court system our opinion as to what results their decisions might have.

We cannot guarantee our prognosis will be 100% accurate, but we can provide an additional tool to the decision-makers. Along with that tool, we can also provide an expert to use and explain it.

If you are concerned with the youth in your family we can help you plan for a positive future. CAI helps trial lawyers learn what scientific studies support their arguments in court. Police, courts, prisons, jails and other agencies needing research studies of operations or problems can receive superior criminological consultation. We provide expert witness reports and court testimony for child custody and other legal arguments. Using us is like having your own private probation officer.

Our services can include the following:
A) Criminological reports for use at sentencing or parole hearing
B) Expert witness testimony for use in courts
C) Grant writing and location of funding sources for our programs and for client agencies
D) Provision of specific applied programs such as Patricia Boelte’s Darkness to Light© and Susan Outlaw’s Not One Tear© projects
E) Design and execution of program evaluation research projects, providing empirical indicators of program effects and reviews of similar studies

Click here for sample reports: Sample report 1, Sample report 2

References from individuals and agencies who have used these services will be provided upon request.