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I love our US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Given the history of governments in human affairs I believe our right to own guns must be protected.  Yet as the American Psychological Association in this month’s Monitor reports, gun violence kills more Americans than terrorism.  They report that from 2000 to 2013 3,380 of us were killed by terrorism and 406,496 died from firearms, usually by suicides, intimate partner fights, or accidents.   Some proposals seem reasonable, such as keeping high risk groups (violent offenders, for example) from getting a permit and more research into what works to prevent gun deaths.  If you have suggestions let me know and I will pass it along to the APA.


More people were interested in social security than I expected.  There is more information that may be useful.  One of our fastest growing crimes is “identity theft”  and it can involve a social security number.  Don’t let others get your social security number unless you trust them.   Crooks can get other’s social security numbers various ways, such as credit card statements, stolen records, your trash can, or by lying about who they are in phone calls.  Do not carry your card with you, such as in your wallet, if it shows your number.  If you think a crook has used your number report it to and/or call 18774384338.  Remember, you are stuck with the number you have now and cannot get a new and different social security number.


I have cli .   Generally, no payments are provided to incarcerated and convicted offenders.  But parole is a condition under which they can be paid to those age 62 or older, or with certain conditions, such as being disabled.  This assumes the person has worked and paid social security taxes in the past.  To get payments started contact the local Social Security office.  Medicare, part A and B, continue when a person is incarcerated.   Call 1 800 772 1213 or on the internet see


The TV news makes it seem that conservatives on academic campuses are in a minority.  The American Sociological Association’s Footnotes in May reported that the academic world is disproportionately liberal rather than conservative.   It seems to be self selection.


I am often asked about new “stuff” that law enforcement agencies use to control crime.  Some of the best advances involve data analysis !!  Law enforcement can better predict where crime will occur in high numbers than in the past.  For those of you interested, and I hope that is all of you, see “Smarting Policing” in Vol. 29, #6, September 2016 of Government Technology.  If you don’t get it just ask at your public library.


I do not mind saying “I told you so”, as I have argued against legal hard drugs.  The journal Psychopharmacology and the October issue of Monitor on Psychology report that drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine are shown to lessen subjects ability to make moral judgments.  Researchers scanned the brains of prison subjects given moral decisions as part of the research.  The prison subjects who had a history of drug use showed less brain activity in the areas involving emotion and decision making than did the subjects with a history of drug use.  I told you so.


A fine report on immigrants was released by a professor at Harvard.  If you want to get up to date information about that see The Integration of Immigrants into American Society by the National Academy of Sciences.  The chief author is Dr. Mary Waters.   The research found that immigrants come to be just like native born Americans, but it takes some time.


My husband is a bum.  Can you get me a divorce?  Ms. Fedup

I am not an attorney but it sounds like you should talk with one, but get one that specializes in cases like yours.  Contact the N.C. Lawyer Referral Service at 1 800 662 7660 or on the web at   Such a professional can not only help you get a divorce but help you with custody, child support, alimony and property division.   Most divorces in NC are on the basis of separation of a year or more.


Please review the previous 2 blogs about police and the research about their behaviors.  Then read below what Dr. Johnson concluded.  Remember, I summarize all of this so you should go to the research directly.  Below I added my two cents.

What should we conclude? Johnson pointed out that there are roughly 385,000,000 police citizen contacts, and 11,205,833 arrests per year. Those actions involve 48,315 officers assaulted and 990 suspects killed. We know the conditions that encourage kids to avoid crime and to contribute to society. Let us follow the research and help the kids from early age to be good citizens. Educators: that means Ethics Courses. Also, Johnson did not argue, nor do I, that police are never wrong. Evil things happened so we should improve and increase our research into causes and expand our human relations training in our police academies.


Remember that we are discussing complex variables and you should review the studies directly. But here is what Dr. Johnson found in his review of the police studies.

Epidemic use of force: In 2015 police use of force caused death for 0.00031% of the US population. Criminals killed 16.3 times more deaths than police. 30.5% more deaths were caused by falls and 34.2% more deaths were caused by motor vehicles than by police. The medical profession is responsible for the vast number of deaths. Compare the 990 police caused deaths with the 251,454 deaths caused by medical errors!

Deaths by police are on the rise: Center for Disease Control shows a decline from 2012-2014 with an average decline of 3.3% per year. These deaths ar only a fraction of what it was in previous decades.

Police kill unarmed people: Armed cannot mean only citizens with a gun or knife. If unarmed can mean citizens on the attack with other than a gun or knife, then unarmed citizens kill 3,000 people a year. That definition, ignoring motor vehicles, clubs, and hands used by assailants means 11% of police killed were by unarmed citizens and 9.3 percent of those killed by police were “unarmed”.

Police target African-American men: Johnson reports “…258 of the 990 individuals killed by the police in 2015 were African – American , all but 10 of which were male. So that means 25% of those who died from police use of force in 2015 were African American men and 1% were African American women. On the other hand, 468 (47.3%) of those killed by police in 2015 were White (non-Latino) males and 26 (2.6%) were white (non-Latino) females. In other words, almost twice as many non-Latino Whites died from police use of force as did African-Americans” (page 7).

Police Use of Lethal Fore disproportionately Targets African American Men: Using CDC and the Washington Post data, Johnson reports African American men are 14.4 time more likely to die in a traffic accident than from the police. They are 27.4 times more likely to be murdered than killed by police.

Implicit Bias by Police drives Deadly Force: Citing a review of 46 research studies involving 5,600 subjects, Johnson reported an absence of research findings of racially prejudicial behavior. He pointed out that the research showed police drew their guns, fired or accidently shot White suspects more than African American suspects.

Excessive Force is linked to a lack of Diversity of Police Forces: The US Dept. of Justice reported 12.2 % of police are African American, 11.6 % are Hispanic and 3.5% are other non-white. The US Census Bureau reports African Americans make up 12.6% of our population, and Hispanics are 16.3% of the US population. Also, many of the major cities have police forces that are a majority non-white. If it is not a lack of diversity, what is associated with police use of force and the number of police assaulted or murdered? Johnson show it is the level of violent crime in the area.

Next blog I will tell you what Dr. Johnson concluded.