Blog readers, do you see more in the news now than in the past reporting bad and harmful information about law enforcement?  I feel the police are being looked at under a microscope.  A very important paper is out now from Dr. Richard Johnson of the Raleigh NC DOLAN CONSULTING GROUP.  He reviews the scientific evidence on the following ideas:

a. Police Use of Lethal Force is an Epidemic.
b. Police use of Lethal Force is on the Rise.
c. Police are Killing Defenseless Unarmed People.
d. Police Use of Force Disproportionately Targets African-American Men.
e. Police Actions Pose a Substantial Threat to the Lives of African-American Men.
f. Implicit Bias is Driving Police Use of Deadly Force.
g. Excessive Force is linked to a lack of Diversity of Police Forces.

Next blog I will tell  you what he found.

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