Has this happened to your child? Do you think it might?
arrested kids on bus

We help individuals and families to achieve positive outcomes in court by providing solutions to avoid juvenile detention, jail or prison. Our staff of professionals can help you to make sense out of a system in which you might feel alone and under (or un-) represented.

We offer services intended to help young people and their families in dealing with the criminal justice system. We are independent of the criminal justice system, yet work to collaborate with that system to plan a program for youth in the community rather than incarceration. Such help is not legal in nature, nor is it intended to address the types of issues best handled by mental health professionals dealing with mental illness.  We may serve as an “expert witness” for the youth, testifying to the nature of research evidence that indicates what conditions are best in your child’s situation.

Also, we maintain a regularly updated blog, aimed at defendants arrested or youth fearing impending arrest, offender’s families, and their lawyers.  We also hope that policy makers, such as politicians and administrators, and criminal Justice professionals such as probation / parole officers, CJ administrators, in both community corrections and in institutional corrections will find things of interest in the blog, “Criminological and Sociological Issues without Limit.” Attorneys handling divorces involving children and other child custody situations and human service, social justice and other social agency personnel needing objective outside the agency program evaluation research might wish to remain up-to-date on the issues discussed on our blog as well.